“Eventful” would sum up my bike ride yesterday.  I’d booked a test ride of the Trek Fuel EX, so I could decide whether I liked the bike, and which size worked for me.  I rode from the shop to the top of Llanharan woods, and as I headed down a fireroad trying to find the promised singletrack, I slowed to pass a man walking with a child and 3 lurcher/greyhound type dogs.  As I passed, I heard a scrabbling noise and felt a pain on my shin, and looked down and the lurcher had my shin in a full on cartoon-style bite!  Luckily some other bikers came past at that moment, and the dog went off to bite them instead of continuing to gnaw on my leg.

The owner was pretty uninterested, not believing the blood pouring down my leg was the result of the silent attack.  The dog eventually came back, haven either eaten the other bikers, or decided that they weren’t as tasty as me, so while using my bike as a shield, I managed to persuade the owner that perhaps he should keep her on a lead.  I must admit, I was too stunned to really know what to do…I guess I should have reported it to the police – but I don’t like to think of a dog being put down because the owner can’t be bothered to train or control it.  Anyway, I doubt he’d have told me his real name!

My leg was bleeding a lot, and I still didn’t have that first aid kit with me that I keep saying I’ll get.  Although I’d washed it as best I could with water from my camelbak, common sense kicked in, and I decided I should head back to the shop to see if they had some first aid stuff, rather than cycle round muddy, wet woods with a bleeding leg full of dog saliva (tho’ I did nip down a sneaky bit of singletrack on the way, which proved that the 17.5″ frame was too small).

Thanks to the guys at the Rocky Mountain Cycles, who were fully armed with all manner of medical kit, my leg was soon patched up and dirt-proof, so I went back out on the 18.5″ frame.   I did actually find the good singletrack this time, and went round it a couple of times…the frame size was bang on, and I was impressed at how the shorter travel bike handled some reasonably technical stuff.  (I wasn’t impressed by the Bontrager tyres fitted tho..the rear one just had no grip…it’s nice to be able to get the back wheel to move around a bit, but this tyre just let go at the slightest hint of mud, or water, or tree root, or wet rock…).  Now I just need to decide whether to bother testing my other option (Specialized Epic) or just bite the bullet and order the Fuel EX.

Just to complete my day, I lost my biking glasses somewhere too..if anyone finds a pair of Ryder glasses with orange lenses in Llanharan Woods..they’re mine!

Training for the Week:

  • Bike 2:50
  • Running  1:30, 17k
  • Swimming 750m
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One Response to Attacked!

  1. Sounds like a very exciting day

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