My Turbo Training Space

Right now, we’re having some building work done, so my turbo-ing space looks like this:

I guess being this confined at least has the advantage that I can reach the laptop to pause the DVD if I need to..though it does get messy if the mutts try to get past the back wheel – German Wirehaired Pointer fur is a really bad chain lube.

I can’t wait until my new training room is finished  – though why my OH keeps calling it a “conservatory” is a mystery to me…..

I know you can’t see it very well, but that is snow outside the window…in London, in November!

Training last week was a bit of a non-event…life got in the way a bit.  I did manage to fit in one turbo session, but my heart rate wasn’t recovering in the recovery sections, so I figured someone was trying to tell me something.  I’ve just done another turbo session and everything is back to normal, so maybe this week will be more productive – tho with 6″ of snow on the ground, I doubt I’ll be doing much running!

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