My new bike arrived!

The garden is looking lovely, don't you think?

Having spent a week drooling over it, all nice and shiny and new, while I waited for the snow to melt, I took it for a spin yesterday….I’m bound to say this, but it is very, very good.  And light….did I say light?  Just a smidge under 24lbs, including pedals and winter tyres!  The 2×10 gearing will take some getting used to, and there’s some fiddling to do on the suspension, but so far, so good!

My reader that lives in the South East (of England..for the benefit of my US reader) will know that we’ve been somewhat inundated with snow this last week…we had about 30cm, and it’s been bitterly cold.  I escaped to Wales for the weekend, and although there was no snow, it was flipping freezing there too.  I drove up to Brechfa for the inaugural ride, but as I got closer, the light frost I’d seen gradually turned into heavier and heavier frost, eventually not really counting as frost anymore, just plain old ice.  The road got more and more icy, until as I got near Brechfa, it was just 2 tyre tracks.  I was starting to get a bad feeling, and the sight of 3 penguins sitting in the car park watching Torville and Dean slide gracefully round confirmed my worst fears.  The fireroad out of the ice…car park was worthy of a winter Olympic bobsleigh course, and with no other bikers around around, I chickened out and went back and rode round the Gower instead!!

New bike or no new bike, my feet were frozen solid after 2 hours (1 thin pair of socks, with thick pair over them…winter boots..still frozen).  They still hurt now, more than 24 hours later..frostbite, anyone?!  It was a bit of a shame not to do Brechfa..I had this secret plan to see how close I could get to the Red Route World Record* (held by me at 1hr 24m) on the superlight bike…my current time is 1:30.  (In reality, I probably would still be a few minutes off the record, as that was set about 4 weeks after the 2009 TransRockies, when I was just slightly fitter than now!!)

Not a bad week, training wise (remembering that I’m not training yet!)….2 turbo sessions, 1 core session and a 2 hour ride.

* Although I am the current world record holder, I haven’t actually told anyone else that it exists to break…so keep it to yourself!

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4 Responses to Bling

  1. It looks like…a bike! Here’s what you need for your feet – though I don’t know where the batteries go

  2. Richard says:

    they attach to your boots apparently..not sure how well that would work with all the water and mud….

  3. Trans Itory says:

    Ground ginger and powdered cinnamon in your porridge and your socks.

  4. Richard says:

    So if my feet get really warm, I can just add red wine and have a nice warm mulled wine ready at then end of the ride?

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