Thinking about training….

I had a great ride round Swinley Forest today on my new bike…I know I’m bound to say it, but it’s a great bike..light and nimble and strangely silent!  (My feet are just about thawed – my new wool socks made no difference *sigh*).

I thought it was time I thought a bit about TransRockies training…I’ll have to start sometime, and as we’re now halfway through December, that time is rapidly approaching!

**If you read this blog for my sparkling wit, and don’t really care about the training side of it, stop reading now..otherwise, read on!**

I’ve not written a detailed training plan yet, but I have thought about the volume and type of training I plan to do.   To state the bleeding obvious, I’m going to ramp up slowly from January to July, with a steady increase in miles/hours on the bike…hopefully reducing the risk of injury!  You might think that 7 months training is too much, and I guess I could train up in less time, but this way I’ve got some slack in the plan in case of injury – ask Mark about that..he crashed on his bike about 6 weeks before the 09 race, and lost about a month of training!

Here’s how my hours/mileage worked out in 09:

  • Jan   116km 10 hrs
  • Feb   265km 19 hrs
  • Mar  234km 13 hrs (I went snowboarding for a week)
  • Apr   648km 36 hrs (too big a jump? I got away with it!)
  • May  870km 52 hrs
  • Jun   713km 45 hrs
  • Jul    885km 56 hrs

In general, I try to follow the principle of 2 weeks hard training followed by 1 week easy.  This is what most running schedules recommend, and I carry it through to biking and it seems to work for me…the theory being that the easy week give your body a chance to recover.  The training was  mix of mountain biking, road riding and turbo training, and not much else.  This time, I plan to put in more running, swimming and core work…but we’ll see how that works out!!  There’ll be some enduro races in there..starting about April (I think we did 4 last time, including the mind-numbingly boring Marin Rough Ride), and a build up of back to back long days on the bike, culminating in 3 days back to back in mid July.

In 09 the longest single ride I did was 91km – definitely a  good decision, as that gave me the confidence that I could do the TR distances….so there’ll be a few of those this year for sure!

By the way, if you’re wondering how I know exactly what training I did, it’s because I use SportsTracks software – it links to my GPS bike computer, and I can download all my training details including heartrate, cadence etc…it’s a real geeks heaven (I love the link to Google satellite images best of all!).  Oh, and best of all, it’s free!

A sample of my training log in SportTracks



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