Gear for Winter Riding??

All the snow and ice we have in the UK right now (plus spotting two cars being driven in London with snow chains on!) got me thinking about spiked tyres for bikes, and whether snow chains would work…no surprise to find a host of people making their own spiked tyres – all you need is a box of screws, some spare tubes, duct tape*, a couple of tyres you don’t want anymore and a few hours to spare.  Drill a few hundred holes in the tyres, screw the screws in, angle grind them down to about 3mm, cover the inside with the cut-up spare tubes and duct tape, and hey have spiked tyres! 

You need to be careful you don't sit on that tyre....

If I thought the snow/ice would become a permanent winter feature in the southern UK, I’d be tempted (a nice Christmas day activity methinks!).  On the other hand, I would NEVER be tempted by this:

Can you imagine what that is doing to the rim??! eek!

If you are tempted (I think you should think twice…at least) and you maybe have some old crappy rims around that you don’t like, you can find full details here:

There’s lots of other variations out there…including someone who just wound a 2.5mm chain round and round the wheel…..I for one won’t be doing that with my brand new DT Swiss Tricon wheels!

My pre-training-non-training has ground to a halt – a combination of Christmas parties and being snowbound for 4 days in Wales with no access to a bike, running gear, a swimming pool or weights!  The only exercise I’ve done is dog walking in knee deep snow…..althought that does get to some muscles I didn’t know I had!  I promise to turbo this week..honest.

*mentioning duct tape always reminds me of one of my favourite “jokes”: 

There’s only 2 tools you need in life:  a roll of duct tape, and a hammer.  If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the duct tape; if it doesn’t move and it should, use the hammer.

Maybe not the best approach to bike maintenance……

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2 Responses to Gear for Winter Riding??

  1. lalahsghost says:

    How is this ruining my rim? The disc brakes eliminate any need for a concern for the wheel itself. The pressure from the zip ties is negligible, and the braided wire is there mostly to keep the chains from jingling or shifting.

    • Richard says:

      You could be right..I’ve not seen it close up, but in the pics it looks like the chain is in contact with the rim – and I would have thought that it is going to move around and wear against the rim, and I think the rim would lose! I think I prefer the snow tyre approach!

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