2011 TransRockies Training Plan

OK, I’ve finally got round to finishing off my training plan…so here it is.  Pretty, innit?! (if you click on it, you can actually read it):

First cut of the training plan

Amazingly, the “2 hard/1 easy” week schedule that I’ve gone on and on about fits in perfectly with the events we’ve entered..sometimes things just work out!  I’ve put on the total cycling hours for each month, and it seems to progress quite nicely – about 10% more hours per month than 2009 too…more by luck than judgment.

“Bike” means mountain bike, “Bike R” means Road Bike (boo hiss!)…..”Swim” means..er..will I think you can guess my cunning secret code!  Received  wisdom is that road biking is a good thing because you can have more control over the effort you put in, so there are quite a few big long road rides in there.  Turbo sessions are usually an hour long – “Turbo x 2” is back to back 1 hour sessions (for me, the TrainRight DVDs….just a couple of minutes break in between to swap discs).

This is a plan, and I’ll stick to it as best I can, but you know what they say  – “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” – the enemy in this case being work, sleeping, eating, dogs. shopping, cooking and just life in general.  The key is to be flexible – if you have to miss sessions because of other stuff, just swap things around, but try to fit in the quality sessions – in the next couple of months, that’s the turbo work.

I suppose I should copyright it or something…cover it in health warnings….use this at your peril!??!


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