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I’ve finished my training plan

I’ve finally got round to finishing my training plan..and you can see it here.   It’ll probably change a bit, but seems to work out pretty well in terms of hours, events etc.  If anyone wants a spreadsheet version that … Continue reading

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That’s the easy week done…

Last week was definitely an easy week for me….one turbo session, one swim, and one run.  My little injury scare made me cut it right back…but did lots and lots of stretching instead.  It seems to be working, as that … Continue reading

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And Stretch…..

A little niggling knee pain today has reminded me that I take what could be called a very casual approach to stretching.  (Is that spelled right??  One of those words that just looks weird to me!  Anyhoo…..).  Thanks to the … Continue reading

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It rained so hard, it made my head bleed…

I haven’t done a ride as wet as that since Day 6 of the TransRockies in 2009.  It was kind of rain that seems to spot the vents in your crash helmet and aim for them…and it hurts.  The forecast … Continue reading

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Eating the elephant…

…one bite at a time. I don’t think I could train for a race in 7 months without setting myself some interim targets.  That’s what I’d do in marathon training, and that’s what I’m doing for the Transrockies.   Rather … Continue reading

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TransRockies Bike Race – Training Week 1 Done!

1 week down, 30 (or maybe 31 to go)!  I’m tired…probably cos I’ve only had one rest day in the last 12!  Since 29th December, my days have been: Run, bike, swim, bike, run, bike, swim, run, swim and turbo, … Continue reading

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TransRockies Training – Day 1!

OK…one day done, lots to go!  Mark, Jeremy (the other biker staying with us this week) and I popped up to Cwmcarn, and did the red route. OK, so we only rode for 1.5 hours not the 2-3 I thought … Continue reading

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