TransRockies Training – Day 1!

OK…one day done, lots to go!  Mark, Jeremy (the other biker staying with us this week) and I popped up to Cwmcarn, and did the red route.

Mark is reading a book about mind training...methinks he's taking it too seriously!

OK, so we only rode for 1.5 hours not the 2-3 I thought we might, but given how much we were suffering from our New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s not all that surprising!

A very familiar sight...Mark just ahead, climbing, climbing, climbing!

But at least we went out, and once the horrid climb was out of the way, I really enjoyed it!   Will try to fit in a run tomorrow, then another bike ride on Monday…..

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4 Responses to TransRockies Training – Day 1!

  1. evo says:

    hi richard

    just come across blog and website. very interesting to as i’m doing TR in august for the first time and i’m trying to gauge fitness and training.

    I’m just back on bike after a 4 week lay-off with some chest problems – prolonged very cold weather is just crap. I’ve been moaning to my riding partner for TR who just doesn’t understand – he lives in monteray california with temp currently around 60 degrees (possible not the best partnering arrangement).

    so how hard is TR?

    all the best


    • Richard says:

      Yep, my riding partner has had the same problem…training in the UK in winter isn’t always fun – assuming you are in the UK?

      How hard is the TR? In a word, very. But, if you put in the hours of training (and somewhere on here I talk about how much I did in 09), it’s doable…it must be, cos I did it, and I’m just an average weekend rider! It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, not just physically, but mentally…you need to have a good riding partner, who will support you when you’re suffering – and you need to be able to support them too.

      I don’t know if you’ve read my short account of 2009…but it hopefully gives a good idea of the experience. We were unlucky with the weather, and they reckon as a result, it was the “hardest ever”…I’ve got nothing to compare it to, but endless mud and rain and cold drains you physically and mentally, and is difficult to prepare yourself for! Having said that, I’m not really sure what this year’s going to be like…it’s much shorter (longest day 70km, as opposed to 108 when we did it), but with much more single track (allegedly), I think it will be just as physically demanding – and harder to train for – I may be wrong but I think long fire road climbs are less strenuous than technical singletrack climbs – partly because you can keep your heartrate in control.

      Happy to try to give more info if I can – what is your biking background?

      • evo says:

        yes i’m in the UK (manchester). ride mainly in peaks, dales, and black mountains round Abergavenny and Beacons in Brecon. i do some old mens XC and marathon racing, but mostly long leisurely weekend rides.

        Just read your account of 2009. tough year!

        i’ve been doing lots of so called base training last 3 months on road and trail, punctuated by the frequent beer binges. now starting training programme proper. so your blog hit a cord – best of luck and i’ll keep an eye out for your updates.

        If you’re up manchester way and fancy meeting up for a ride, drop me an email (

        any killer tips for us TR novices?


      • Richard says:

        my top tip….take a pair of cycling shorts for every day!

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