TransRockies Bike Race – Training Week 1 Done!

1 week down, 30 (or maybe 31 to go)!  I’m tired…probably cos I’ve only had one rest day in the last 12!  Since 29th December, my days have been:

Run, bike, swim, bike, run, bike, swim, run, swim and turbo, rest, bike, run.

Mark uses just the power of is mind to lure the chocolate into his mouth..

Now, I wouldn’t normally train that much in 12 days, but when you’re on holiday with some energetic and healthy people, you kind of get caught up in it!  I mean, who could resist the lure of the After Eight game…great exercise for your eyebrows and face!!  (If you’ve not played this game, the objective is to get an After Eight mint* from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands….Jez is the current world record holder – unless you know different?! – having successfully completed 3 at once!

* other wafer thin mints are available

I know I said I was going to do two turbo sessions this week, but because I was still down in Wales, I went for a real bike ride instead on Monday – 1.5 hours round what is probably my favorite trail centre trail, the Gorlech Trail, at Brechfa.  I did try to recreate the “joy” of the turbo sessions by keeping heartrate in my threshold range on the 2 big climbs (if you know the trail, that’s the first one out of the carpark, and the long fireroad climb after the cottage).   Doing that made it a hard workout, rather than just a potter….and the ice/slush/mud combo made the downhills quite exciting too…and, you’ll never guess what…my feet froze!

By the time it got to Thursday evening, I was not looking forward to my turbo session..especially having done a hard (for me) swim session in the morning.   But I need to get used to the feeling of getting on and doing some training however tired I am – after all, if I can’t get on my bike and ride when I’m tired, I’m not going to get far past day 1 of the TransRockies!!  I did my CTS Climbing 1 session…the low cadence bit was OK, but when it got to the first of the 10 mins at 85rpm/threshold heartrate, I was suffering!!  On the other hand, my heartrate dropped quickly in the cool down, which must prove something.

Friday was a very welcome rest day, followed by a bike ride with Mark and Jez on Saturday – 28km, 2hr 15min round the North Downs.  Boy was it muddy!!  All that snow we had a few weeks ago, followed by a couple of days of heavy rain left a lot of water around.   But getting cold, wet and muddy on your bike is what mountain biking is all about, isn’t it?  Unless you live in Utah.  Oh, and my feet froze……

So, this week has been:

  • Monday – Bike, 19km,  1:35
  • Tuesday – Swim, 1.2km
  • Wednesday – Run, 6km (recovery pace)
  • Thursday – Swim (interval session), Turbo 55min
  • Friday – and rest!
  • Saturday – Bike, 28km, 2;15
  • Sunday – Run, 8km

The week ahead looks like:

  • Monday – Turbo
  • Tuesday – Swim
  • Weds  – run or turbo or go out for a drink (demonstrating flexibility!)
  • Thurs – Swim and turbo (if I went out on Weds)
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – Run
  • Sun  – Bike (2-3 hours depending on weather)
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