Eating the elephant…

…one bite at a time.

I don’t think I could train for a race in 7 months without setting myself some interim targets.  That’s what I’d do in marathon training, and that’s what I’m doing for the Transrockies.   Rather than seeing it is 7 long months stretching out, I want something to aim for in the short term.  As well as helping me judge my fitness, it adds some variety to the training (I remember how bored I got doing the same old routes last time).  And we’ll get to meet up with some of the folks we met in 2009.

So, Mark and I have entered (almost) a bunch of enduro events between now and the BIG DAY:

  • CRC  Spring Marathon, Builth Wells, 10th April
  • Dyfi Enduro, Machynlleth, 1st May (hopefully)
  • Bucks Off Road Sportive, 15th May
  • CRC Marathon, Llandovery, 22nd May
  • Torq RoughRide, 12th June
  • And a new one for us, a 3-day event in the Black Mountains in Wales, 1- 3 July (I love that it’s organized by “the bearded man”)

Add to that 3-day back-to-back rides around 20th July, and you can see some semblance of a plan coming together.

Before I trained for the 2009 TR, I’d never done an organized bike race.  Mark and I did 3 or 4 these events in 2009, and it was a good decision…riding in a race (even if you’re not racing it) takes some getting used to – the feeling that you holding up faster riders, or being held up, keeping to your pace plan and feeding plan etc etc.

I have to say, putting the Torq (formerly Marin) Roughride on there fills me with dread…we hated it in 2009 – long, boring, and unrewarding.  We told ourselves that it was good training…but it really wasn’t fun…I just hope the course is better this year!

Now those dates are set, I can start to build the plan around them, always trying to stick to the 2 hard week – 1 easy week plan.  As well as biking in wind and rain this weekend (if the forecast is right), that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.

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3 Responses to Eating the elephant…

  1. thefitwriter says:

    Very helpful blog post. Now I will know when my husband is going to be around/not – can never quite rely on the home calendar 😉

    Have fun! See you at the press junket I mentioned 😀

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