It rained so hard, it made my head bleed…

I haven’t done a ride as wet as that since Day 6 of the TransRockies in 2009.  It was kind of rain that seems to spot the vents in your crash helmet and aim for them…and it hurts.  The forecast seemed to suggest that there was a window between the wind dropping and the heavy rain starting…but they lied.

I can see my house from here! Oh,, all I can see is rain...

It wasn’t too bad down in the woods, but once I got 1500ft up onto the top of Cefn Bryn (I’m in the Gower this weekend), the wind and rain really hit…..horizontal, wet rain.  The thing you realise pretty quickly is that it really doesn’t matter how “waterproof” or “breathable” your gear is, cycling up a steep hill in wind and rain means you get wet from the inside and the out very quickly.  And as for waterproof boots…all the waterproofing does trap the water that pours down your legs inside the boots!!

(It reminded me of one day on TR09 when I decided to treat myself to wearing my spare boots, which were lovely and dry, unlike the the soggy pair I’d been wearing up until then.  It was such a nice treat, warm and dry feet….until  we had to cycle through a river 30 mins into the day…4 times.  I didn’t bother trying to have dry boots again).

I have to confess I cut the ride short…the thought of riding up another hill into a wet Welsh cloud didn’t really appeal, and once my glasses got blown off my face (and cycled over), I decided enough was enough, so only did 2 hours in the end.

Total for the week:  2 hours turbo, 2 hours biking, 1 hr running, 40 mins swim and some core stuff.  It’s a bit short of my target, but as I’ve already matched my 2009 Jan total, I’m not too bothered.

As promised, I’ve done some proper planning of my training, plotting the events we’ve planned into the calendar and wrapping the 2 hard/1 easy around it…and it fits perfectly!!  Now if I could only figure out how to get an image of it onto this blog, I’d share it….any ideas, anyone??

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4 Responses to It rained so hard, it made my head bleed…

  1. evo says:

    There is something kind of reassuring that there are others out there suffering in the same way as me. as they say, pain loves company.

    • Richard says:

      Yeah..I was wondering what other masochists would be out biking in that unless they were training for something. Then I bumped into 5 others just out for “fun”!!

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