That’s the easy week done…

Last week was definitely an easy week for me….one turbo session, one swim, and one run.  My little injury scare made me cut it right back…but did lots and lots of stretching instead.  It seems to be working, as that niggle has gone (fingers crossed…just finished a turbo session, so will find out pretty quickly if that causes it to flare up again).

Now I’m starting my next 2 weeks of harder training:

  • Mon – Turbo
  • Tues – Swim
  • Weds – rest
  • Thurs – turbo
  • Fri – Swim/recovery run
  • Sat – 1-2hrs bike
  • Sun 3-4 hrs bike
  • Mon – recovery run
  • Tues – turbo
  • Weds – run
  • Thurs – Swim/Turbo
  • Fri – rest
  • Sat – 3-4 hrs bike
  • Sun 1.5 road bike

(I don’t need to add any stretching to that do I?   I mean, the injury has gone now, right?!)

By the end of January, I reckon I’ll have done about 18 hours on the bike (plus about 7-8 hours running/swimming) – I’m pretty happy with 2009 I only did about 10 hours!!

One thing I’ve noticed is that the quads in my left leg seem to suffer more than those in my right leg doing the threshold intervals on the turbo.  I’m not sure if this is the cause of my little injury niggle, or a sympton of it….but whichever way round it is, what’s the solution?   One legged squats (using swiss ball against the wall)?  Any suggestions gratefully received!!

By the way, in case you’re in any doubt how obsessive this training nonsense becomes….I got invited for a weekend away in March, and my immediate response was “no, I can’t go…I’ve got to train”.  Then I sat back and thought about it…’s in March – a full 5 months before the TransRockies…of course I can go!

I’ll just have to train a bit harder the week before and the week after! 😉

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2 Responses to That’s the easy week done…

  1. evo says:

    you’re only allowed to go if its a training camp in majorca with roadies that don’t dare let beer touch their lips

  2. Richard says:

    er…almost the exact opposite!! A bunch of people who would barely know one end of a bike from the other and don’t dare let a day go past without beer touching their lips

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