I’ve finished my training plan

I’ve finally got round to finishing my training plan..and you can see it here.   It’ll probably change a bit, but seems to work out pretty well in terms of hours, events etc.  If anyone wants a spreadsheet version that you can fiddle about with to suit your life, then drop me a mail.

Training this week is on target..well, almost – I substituted a 40 minute easy road ride for the proposed run on Wednesday – that pesky thing called “life” getting in the way again!

Looking forward to a weekend of biking with Mark and another friend – forecast is for it to be cold…very cold…only 2*C – should be a good test to see if my new Sidi winter boots keep me warm – anyone want to make a bet??  (Bearing in mind that I get cold feet on the turbo trainer…indoors..probably not a good bet!)   I’m hoping they at least put off the pain for a bit.

[edit] I just noticed that Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day!  Oh well – it was an easy 40 min ride and I’m not doing today’s recovery run!

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