A Marathon, Not a Sprint

It’s very easy to get frustrated at the apparent lack of progress fitness-wise, and expect too much too soon.  I figured this out at the weekend, riding the Raven Trail at Brechfa.  (If you’ve not been there, it’s well worth a trip  – assuming you’re not reading this in the US or Canada or somewhere equally exotic….er…Scotland?).  In May/June 09, I could climb all the hills on both the red and black runs here in the middle ring….on Sunday, I was firmly in granny gear.  This led to a slight sense of panic, and thoughts of “oh no, I’m not getting fitter…I’ll never be ready”.

It’s more than 6 months until the start of the TransRockies!! There really is no need to panic..the fitness will come, slowly but surely, and it’s much better to be doing my longer rides at sub-threshold pace, rather than killing myself by trying to push too big a gear.

My hard week last week was pretty much bang on….I did a short road ride on my rest day instead of my recovery run on Friday, and Saturday and Sundays ride where at the shorter end of the target range…but it was below freezing all day, both days!!!

They're smiling because they can see the pub.....

Saturday was an hour or so round the Gower with Mark and Gavin, in beautiful winter sunshine, followed by a couple of…er….”recovery drinks” in the pub on the way home (I so rarely get to do this, as I always seem to be driving after riding, so it really was a nice way to spend an hour or so).

Mark gets all "David Bailey" on me...I'm trying to remain incognito

Sunday again with Gavin and Mark at Brechfa…a couple of hours of good hard technical stuff followed by the perfect post-ride recovery fare  – bacon and egg roll and mug of tea!  (You can’t eat healthy food all the time!)

Do you want the good news?  My Sidi Diablo GTX boots kept my feet warm!  Well, almost…they were just starting to get cold by the end on Sunday, but were so much better than the old Shimano ones!

So, that’s January done…17.5 hours on the bike, and a bunch of swimming and running…and stretching (of course!).

1 month down, 6 months to go.  OMG!!   Only 6 months to the start of the race!!! Panic!!!!

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2 Responses to A Marathon, Not a Sprint

  1. ClarityK says:

    Incognito but strangely deformed?

  2. Richard says:

    all that cycling changes your body shape!

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