I can tick off 2 more hard weeks

That was a tough 2 weeks of training.  By the time I got to Thursday last week, I was already looking forward to my easy week…just my tough luck that another 5 hours on the bike stood between me and a “rest”!

Saturday’s ride in the Chilterns with Mark and Jez was a bit of a return to the bad old days for me…..the sight of those two waiting at the top of hills for me again!  Before I did any bike training, they were always waiting for me…not just waiting at the top of the hills, but waiting at the bottom as I minced down them, waiting at the end of any long flat bit as I sauntered along, waiting for me to finish my Ginsters pasty (is there a better mid-ride snack? er….I concede now that there might be), or waiting for me to finish faffing in the car park (actually, that hasn’t changed).  About 3 months into my training, they weren’t waiting for me so much….Mark and I were starting to be more evenly matched (on the ups at least), and we were starting to keep up with Jez (I even overtook him on a few long climbs at the peak of my fitness…I don’t think he’s ever forgiven me!).

Quick.....someone call an ambulance!

Anyway, about an hour into Saturday’s ride, my two hard weeks really caught up with me, and my legs just gave up.   We cut the ride a bit short (still 3.5 hrs), and tho’ I did make it up all the climbs, it really was mind over matter!  I’m not going to let it get to me…I’ve done this before, and I know the fitness and power will come.  If nothing else, I’ll need to get faster to stop Mark from taking pictures that make me look like I’ve been stabbed!

I’ve pretty much stuck to my plan for the last 2 weeks, apart from swapping a couple of runs for bike or weights.  Replacing running has been a necessity this week…sad to say that all the biking has ruined my running (some might say that my short legs pretty much ruined my running before I started biking!).  Since TR09 training I’ve had persistent calf injuries…minor tears in one or other leg, or even both at the same time – have you seen someone trying to limp on both legs simultaneously..it’s a sad sight to see?!?

I still managed 1.5 hrs on the road on Sunday…my legs started to wake up after an hour or so.  Oddly enough, now I’m on my easy week, and a rest day today, I really want to train!  But I won’t…stick to the plan...rest and recovery is vital!

This week will be Rest, Swim/Weights, Turbo, Swim, Rest, Bike, and maybe another short bike…then back to 2 hard weeks, including a double turbo session…eek!

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