I’ve been having flashbacks

To finish off my easy week, I headed up to Glyncorrwg in the Afan Valley yesterday (one of the purpose built trail centres in South Wales), and did the Skyline Trail.  Depending on how many diversions are in place for forestry work, this trail is 40-45km long.  Although some people complain that there’s too much fireroad on it, I really like it.  There’s actually plenty of challenging singletrack and you get the feeling of being really remote, and there are some fantastic views once you get up on top.

Looking North...you're a long way from home here

It is one of those rides that you feel that if something broke, you’d have a very, very long walk back to the start….in fact, when you look at the map, even at the furthest point (about where that picture is taken), it’s only about 7km back to the start…assuming you could find a direct route back…it would be very easy to end up in the wrong valley!

Sadly, as has been the way for about 2 years, a fair chunk of the singletrack is closed off for forestry operations.

I don't think that's a rideable trail....

Last time I did the route, they had a long diversion along fireroads in place…now they’ve changed it, and have a long diversion through a bog instead.  I’m not convinced it’s an improvement!  As I rode along wet, muddy tracks and trails, I did get some horrible flashbacks to TR09 – knobbly tyres make a very distinctive noise as they drag through mud…”like cycling on a marshmallow”!  It’s all worth it for the last 5km…fast, technical singletrack all the way back to the start – at the bottom of which I realised why my bike had felt a bit odd all day..I was riding with the forks wound right down to 110mm of travel!!  (They’d been left like that since I put it in Mark’s car 2 weeks ago).

It’s all good training tho’, and it definitely counted as a long slow ride….4 hours to do 44km!

Two hard weeks coming up…including the first double turbo session towards the end..I’m already dreading it!

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