That was a good week

I’ve had a really, really good week’s training…I actually feel like I’m making progress!  It was so good, I even threw in an extra turbo session.  Finished off the week with a very very muddy ride in the North Downs today – Mark and I were very evenly matched….he didn’t drop me on the ups, and only on the very last down did he get away from me!

I took the Trek today..I decided it was time to stop treating it like the latest shiny thing, and go out and get it wet and muddy…I think I succeeded!

And this is after it got washed in puddles!

And I’m glad I took it….it reminded my why I bought it….cos it’s AWESOME (dude)!  I was flying down the hills and it climbs like a …a..a climby thing!

The only slightly un-awesome thing was that when I went to ride it yesterday, the rear brake lever pulled straight to the bar!  Don’t understand why air would have got into the system in 4 weeks, and it’s a bit crap if that happens regularly….will keep an eye on it – maybe it just wasn’t bled properly in the factory.  I did read somewhere that if you have Avid (SRAM) brakes, you need to be good friends with your bleed kit!

Oh and I need to change the seat…the stock Bontrager seat is too flat for me.

It’s difficult to be sure, but I’d say I was ahead of where I was this time in 09, fitness-wise.  I guess it’s cos I’ve already got the cycling muscles this time, so just need to make them bigger and stronger (did I mention that my legs changed shape during training for TR09?  Not longer or shorter – that would be weird.  But my bike shorts used to be a bit loose on the elasticated bit at the bottom of the leg….by the time I’d finished, they were tight..and still are…almost too tight!!).

This week, then I’ve done:

  • Mon -turbo
  • Tues – core and weights
  • Weds – turbo
  • Thurs – swim and turbo
  • Fri – rest
  • Sat – 2.5 hours mostly road
  • Sun – 3 hours, off road

Another hard week coming up…and I can’t wait!!!

Oh by the way…I figured out what “white cloud” is…’s grey cloud that you’re in the middle of!

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2 Responses to That was a good week

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for posting this info, I am registered for the three day event, it will be my first time. Can you asnwere a few questions about your experience..thanks

    What is the elevation like and did it effect your ability?
    What were your times last year for each leg?

    • Richard says:

      sure no problem. Bear in mind that on 09 it started in Panorama and finished in Fernie, so a completely different course…but same general area, and passing through some of the same places.
      By elevation, do you mean height above sea level or amount of climbing? If the first, the only day I noticed any effect was on day one…it wasn’t bad, just working a bit harder than you might expect for the grade (heart rate well over threshold). The climb took you up to about 2,500m (7500ft). After day 1 it wasn’t noticeable.
      Not sure how relevant this is, given the different course, but times/distances for each leg were:
      45km 4:49
      74km 8:54
      41km 5:26
      108km 8:35
      88km 8:22
      101km 10:27
      75km 6:27

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