You have to like mud to do this sport

There was a thread on SingleTrackWorld this week about mud, and how much people hated it.   Given where most people on that forum live, I can’t help thinking that those that professed to hate mud have chosen the wrong sport.  For sure, nice dry dusty trails are great fun when we get them, but in the UK, that’s only for a few months of the year at best…if you live in Wales or Scotland, you’ll probably not be familiar with the concept anyway!!

This must be why they invented mudguards (Photo by Mark)

Let’s face it, unless you’re only going to ride in the summer, you’ve got to learn to live with mud (maybe “enjoy” is too strong), and learn how to clean mud out of every possible nook and cranny..on your bike and you…yuck.


As you can see, our 45km on the South Downs on Saturday was a tad muddy…it turned into a bit of a slog for 3:45 mins.  For some strange reason I enjoyed it much more than Mark or Jez…must be my turn to have a bad day next time we go out!!


I did 50km on the road today to finish off my 2 hard weeks, and finish off February’s training.  Happy to say that I’ve done more than my target….31 hrs vs 29 targeted.  And I’ve felt pretty good during this last two weeks – even the dreaded double turbo* on Wednesday was OK…I wasn’t sick afterwards, and could still walk up the stairs!!  5 months training to go…..

*my double turbo is the CTS Climbing 1 & 2 sessions, back to back….only stopping to change disks and inhale some energy gel…try it…it’s fun..kinda

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6 Responses to You have to like mud to do this sport

  1. westwood says:

    Mud is half the fun. There is no better way to be certain that you have had rewarding adventures than returning splattered from head to toe.

  2. evo says:

    31 hours! i’m just on 23 hrs for feb which is less than what it says in THE PLAN. i’ve got very conflicting feelings about this – worry that i’m not doing enough (though it is only feb and august is many months away) and disbelief that i’ve ended up counting hours, watts and calories.

    But i’ve just realised something – there are another twenty six hours to the end of feb> Excuse me, there is a turbo trainer to be ridden :o)

    • Richard says:

      go for it….you only need to turbo between now and tomorrow morning and you’ll be equal with me!
      seriously, I don’t think you need to worry…looking back to 09 I did 19 hours in Feb….and only 13 in March (snowboarding holiday then my shoulder was knackered and couldn’t ride). there are still 5 months to go.
      are you doing any of the CRC enduros?

      • evo says:

        i can’t fit in many of the CRC events though i’m doing Llandovery which i think is in may and the final ruthin marathon in spetember. I have entered the brecon beacons three day event in july which looks good, though i think it was cancelled last year due to lack of interest. i love the riding in the black mountains and beacons, so really looking forward to this.

      • Richard says:

        May 22..see you there! and the Black Mountains thing too…I’ll be the one near the back!

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