I don’t have time to train…

……cos I’m too busy EATING!!!!  I’m permanently hungry, and  seem to be either eating or thinking about when I can next eat.  I even go to bed looking forward to getting up so that I can have breakfast – the next step will be getting up in the middle of the night to eat!  I do manage to be mostly sensible, eating fruit for snacks…OK, there’s the odd muffin thrown in, but no more than 5 or 6 a day….and I’m still losing weight…even had my first “you’re looking thin” comment this week!

Funnily enough, reading my friend Nic’s blog about pancakes made me really hungry…so I had some pancakes.  None of those funny low carb ones Nic goes for….normal pancake with a lovely savoury filling for me…a nice balance of carbs, protein and fat (OK, probably not enough carbs really, but for one day, it’s not really a problem).

Nic also happens to be my team-mate Mark’s wife and I think they must secretly be Mr and Mrs Spratt – you remember (you’re not that young)..“Jack Spratt could eat no fat, and his wife could eat no lean”….for Nic’s training regime, she’s into low carb, high protein foods, and Mark, like me, is (I hope!) into lots of carbs and low(er) protein.  I can just picture them sitting down for dinner, pushing carbs onto one plate, and protein onto the other….or maybe not!

Quick training update:  Last week was a “sort of easy” week…cos I know I’m not riding this weekend (woohoooo!), I rode both Saturday and Sunday (tho’ only short on Sunday).  I’ve decreed that Sunday was the last cold ride of the winter, and am looking forward to riding in short sleeves next time out (er….maybe…fingers crossed!!).

Anyway,  it’s nearly an hour since supper and I’ve got a sweet pancake with my name on it waiting for me (I think it’s my name…or…wait…is it an image of Jesus??!)

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4 Responses to I don’t have time to train…

  1. thefitwriter says:

    What would you like for dinner on the 21st? Should I start cooking now?

  2. thefitwriter says:

    It is! With…wetsuits.

    PS Have you eaten your 9bars yet?

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