Getting some variety in my training

I think I mentioned that I was going away for a weekend of non-biking stuff.  Well, I mentioned to Mark* that I was going to the Isle of Wight, and he said I should really take a bike, ‘cos there’s some great trails on the island….I wasn’t convinced, I have to say.

We got down there on Saturday, had a bite to eat, and as it was such a nice day (maybe spring really is here??) we decided to go out and try one of the courses.  Well, I have to say, it was a really good….technical but not too strenuous, with some interesting challenges.  I was going pretty well after a shaky start, and ended up finishing really strongly, just behind Matt.

Sunday morning was looking a bit damp, but the forecast was for it to brighten up, so after a leisurely breakfast, we headed back down to where we’d had such a good session the day before….sadly, I think a combination of the soggy conditions and a slight (ahem) hangover stopped me from going as well as Saturday, and I trailed in a rather poor 4th!

One of the great things about this pastime is when you get a good session that you really weren’t expecting, and that’s what we managed on Sunday afternoon.  The sun had come out and everything had dried out, and as we headed towards Sandown, we had a cheeky go on a course we didn’t even know about!  OK, the course wasn’t fantastic – the designers had put in a lot of work into the surroundings, but maybe not so much into the challenges…I thought it could have been more technical, but I guess you have to cater for all standards.   I was going pretty consistently, and came in a very close second to Matt, just losing out right at the end…curses!!!

Check out the rock dropoff onto the singletrack!!

Well, after all that I think I’ve proved that Crazy Golf is no substitute for biking – I don’t think my heart rate got anywhere near my threshold, so it’s back on the turbo for me this evening!

* I’m bored of saying “Mark my team mate” or “Team mate Mark” or “Mark my training partner”, so I think I’ll just put Mark™ from now on!

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