Staying safe

I got myself one of these recently:

Cram Alert Wristband

If, like me, you spend time biking or running on your own, have you ever thought what would happen if you had an accident or fell ill?

Some people recommend putting an “ICE” number on your mobile (In Case of Emergency), so that if someone finds you, they look in your phone contacts for the ICE entry and call the number stored.  Trouble with that is, if you have a phone that needs a code or pattern to unlock it, they won’t be able to unlock it.

The idea of the Cram Alert is that you wear the wristband (or carry the key ring, or possibly stick one of the property stickers on your forehead if you really want), and, as it says on the website:

“If you become ill, are involved in an accident or just need assistance; providing you are wearing your Cram-Alert wristband; you or someone helping you will be able to contact the Cram-Alert 24/7 Emergency Response Team who in turn will contact your next-of-kin and have access to your registered medical conditions, crisis plans and required medication for use by the emergency services.”

You can register more than just a contact number/name too…blood type, allergies and anything else that might be useful in a medical emergency.  I’ve not bothered recording my only allergy…to pistachio nuts.  I’m pretty sure no-one is going to consider an emergency application of pistachio nuts if they find be lying in a heap halfway down a mountain!

The Cram Alert is part of larger organization, Alert ID  (tho’ I must confess I’m not clear what the relationship is),  so you don’t need to worry that it’s just Steve Cram’s mum sat by a phone in Gateshead (what if she goes for a cup of tea??).  You could by direct from Alert ID but I’ve chosen to buy from Cram Alert ‘cos Steve Cram was always my favourite middle distance runner!!  I got a couple of wristbands and key rings for me and my SO, and the Cram Alert folks kindly threw in 5 of the mobile property stickers as a freebie!

Watch this space for upcoming blogs about food (energy products) and a Bike Skills Course (pretty sure I have none).

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