Weekly Update – 21 Weeks to go

This week I’ve managed 4 hours turbo, 5 hours mountain bike, 2 hours on the road bike plus 2 swimming sessions.  Quite happy with that.

The one on the left has a dreadful squeak...I'll take some WD40 next time I go

I should issue “nice weather” decrees more often….yesterday’s 5 hrs was done in beautiful spring sunshine, in a t-shirt!Such a nice change (sadly it didn’t last into today, and 2 hrs on the road was a bit cold and damp…oh well).

I tried hard to treat yesterday’s ride as the equivalent of a “long slow run”, but I can’t resist timing myself up the first big climb out of the car park at Glyncorrwg. I know my fitness is coming on, because I did it yesterday in just under 40 mins, which for me is pretty good going.

Much as I enjoyed the ride, I am getting frustrated with the number of trail closures in the Afan Valley at the moment…Penhydd is closed indefinitely due to some fungus killing all the Japanese Larch; last time I did Skyline, 3 big bits of singletrack were still closed (as they had been for over a year), and yesterday I found this:

Nice bit of sympathetic harvesting...not!

Granada used to be a nice flat blast through sun-dappled trees – I can’t see it being like that for a long long time.  It used to pop out at the point where you can choose the shortcut or the full route.  So, I followed the fireroad down, and pushed up the shortcut to the top and found that the back half of Skyline was closed off completely.

The devastation on Skyline seems like a real waste…it can’t be more than 5 years since it opened fully, and now as far as I can tell it’s pretty much destroyed – OK you can still get the long downhill back to the carpark, but that misses out a lot of trail!  I hope the back half closure is only short term, but have no idea….and it’s difficult to find up to date information (I did email the Forestry Wales Moutain Bike warden a while ago…but got no reply).

My plan had been to do Skyline then cycle down the valley and do The Wall, but as I could only find about 25km of Skyline to do, I ended up doing The Wall twice…even that had some closures on it (albeit I think only missing out on a singletrack up hill, but even so..judging by the amount of harvesting going on around there, it can’t be long before some of the downhill bits are closed).

I ended my day by reminding myself of a little lesson…keep hydrating after you finish riding – I got hit really badly by dehydration in the evening (headache, nausea), because I didn’t keep taking on liquid after I got home.  Oh well, I won’t make that mistake again.

Skills course on Tuesday…can’t wait..it’ll be nice to have some skills!

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