Tubeless…an update

You’ll remember a few weeks ago that I went “tube-ish” – tubeless rear, tubesome front.  Well, since then, I’ve patched the hole in the front tyre and got myself some Stans NoTubes gunk, and I’m pleased to report that my bike is now running a full tubeless setup.

And you know what?  I can’t tell any difference! And you know what else?  I’m not surprised!!  I guess that makes me a bad biker or something.  Oh well.

OK, so with the gunk in them, I shouldn’t get thorn punctures (or at least they’ll fix themselves), and I can run at lower pressures and not get pinch flats (I’ve had 2 pinch flats in about 12 years of biking so it’s not something that I worry about particularly!), but apart from that what’s the big deal?  They’ll be fractionally lighter….take out a 120g tube and replace it with 70g of gunk..I won’t notice that difference.  I understand that at lower pressures I get more grip, but I remain somewhat sceptical (putting it mildly) that a tubeless tyre going over a square edge bump will compress noticeably more easily ‘cos you only have to compress the tyre and not tyre plus tube.

I would love to try a proper test…one bike, two sets of wheels setup tubed and tubeless and ride the same course swapping between the two pairs – also important that I don’t know which set of wheels is which.  Can anyone point me at a website where someone has done just that? I’m sure it must have been done!

Anyway, now it’s set up I’ll leave it as it is, but once I’m forced to put a tube in to fix a puncture that won’t seal itself, I suspect that tube won’t come back out!

Training update: Not much to say – on target, and have already hit my March target with 2 days to go!  First “race” in 10 days at the CRC Builth Wells enduro.

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5 Responses to Tubeless…an update

  1. gothandy says:

    Just went back to tubes at the weekend and thought the same as you, what is the difference. I like your idea of double blind wheel test.

    See you at the crc builth Wells event.

  2. evo says:

    best of luck in Builth – i can’t make it as i have a training week in Majorca. Shame! Hope it stays dry for you. But really looking forward to Llandovery.

    Tubeless tires have brought me to tears on a few occassions. in particular the time when i flated whilst riding on my own in the sierra nevada. As the tire wouldn’t seal itself i tried putting in a tube as a temporary measure. I punctured the two tubes i had with me and with not puncture repair kit it was a long and slow ride/walk back to base. But this wasn’t a sunny day in the sierra, it was very cold and snowing. I hated tubeless that day and for the next week as i lay in bed with flu.

    But then there is an upside. When you have 90 minutes of XC racing to do, anything which reduces the chance of puncturing helps.


    • Richard says:

      well there’s not much chance of me ever doing an XC race!! training week in Majorca sounds good…how’s the training coming along?

      • evo says:

        training has been mostly good by my standards anyway. but i suspect i’m taking things a little too easily – certainly none of those double turbo sessions you mention in one of your posts.

        i did a very long road ride with a friend (i use this term loosely here), known as the bone crusher for his ability to destroy his riding buddies. i beat him up very climb, so perhaps this training is working.


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