Different Diets

I spent the weekend training with Mark™ and to save on driving, I stayed over with him and wife, Nic.

Now Nic is no stranger to endurance events, having swum the Channel a couple of times, run marathons and done triathlons, but for this year she’s chosen a very different challenge for herself – she’s entered a couple of figure competitions – a category of bodybuilding!  Apart from (obviously) lifting lots of weights, Nic is very dedicated to the diet she has to follow – I won’t attempt to explain it in any detail (‘cos I’ll get it wrong) but I think it’s lots of protein, not much fat, only “unprocessed” carbs (and not too much)…and egg whites…by the gallon!

It was entertaining to see the different approach to our dinner last night.  Mark and I had done a hard & fast (ish) 60k ride in the Chilterns, and were heading out today for another few hours round the North Downs, and we opted for beer and curry – beer is full of carbs so great for endurance (ahem), and rice and naan bread is great carbo-loading too…right?  OK, OK, I know the enormous amounts of fat in a takeaway curry aren’t so wonderful, but….um…er…….I like curry!!  Nic opted for curry too, but made her own out of healthy stuff – she’s described it far better than I ever could here – while you’re there, have a look round and see the training she’s putting herself through….respect!!

Oh I nearly forgot….Mark and I spotted this strange sight today:

Great North Shore skills, kids!! (Photo by Mark)

They’ve obviously done the same skills training as us….does Jedi’s training have no limits?!?!?

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2 Responses to Different Diets

  1. thefitwriter says:

    Ha ha! Curry bloggers unite!

    Just in case anyone goes up in arms (can one “go” up in arms?), I don’t avoid all fats – far from it (I actually pour 3-6-9 oil on my food). But yes you’re spot on other than that – lots of protein, not much in the way of non-veg carbs (and most of it before and after training), lots (and lots!) of veg. And I suppose I do eat a lot of egg whites but I think you’ve got a bit fixated on them ;D

    I’ll text you a photo tomorrow… I’m expecting a delivery of 12 litres of egg whites ha ha!

    Love the “north shore goats” ;D


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