Builth Wells Enduro Preview

I’m looking forward to the CRC Builth Wells Enduro on Sunday..it’s a great course and should be a good fitness test, and the weather forecast looks great!

Well, I say it’s a great course…..I don’t actually know that for sure.  The bits of it I’ve done were good, but despite having done this “race” twice (the first time was my first ever MTB event) I’ve have never actually managed to complete the full 75km distance!  First time out in 2009 my bottom bracket bearings (oo er missus!) disintegrated after about 30km, so ended up doing the 50km loop with a horrible grinding and crunching noise following me around.

Last year Mark™ and I set off with the 75km loop in mind….but we got bored and cut it short!!  We weren’t training for anything in particular, and just didn’t have the motivation to do the full thing….I think we were both cycling along waiting for the other one to say “shall we cut this short?”…then we both said it at the same time!

So, third time lucky?  I’ll let you know on Sunday.  It’ll also be my first ride on my new uppy-downy seatpost (this is now the official MTB term).   I know, I know, you shouldn’t try new things on race day – but I like living life on the edge!

It’ll also be good to catch up with some “Class of 2009” TransRockies friends – recognisable by the strange haunted expressions on our faces and the permanently ingrained Canadian mud….or maybe it’s the shirts!

I might not wear it really.....

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