I’ve got my mojo back

Thank goodness for that!  Two really nice rides this weekend has made me think that maybe I am getting fitter after all.

Yesterday Mark and I rode around and about the South Downs way….perfect riding weather and lovely dry trail made for a great day.  We did 62km in 4 hrs and 24 mins, with 1200m of climbing.  You do see some funny things when you’re out and about tho’…what is that in front of the horse????

Artemis, by Nic Fiddian-Green (not sure why he looks so scared - the horse, not Mark)

We came across this beautiful sculpture on top of a hill near Goodwood racecourse…you can see it from miles away (the horse, not Mark).  I thought it was stunning – if only I had a bigger garden!

He went to ride on a beautiful pea green bike...sorry, I meant "nuclear pesto"

Talking of things you can see from miles away…Mark turned up with his new TransRockies bike -an Ibis Mojo SL.  I think the thought of struggling along on his 30+ pound plus bike while I whizz along on my 24lb marvel forced him into it!  The photo doesn’t do the colour justice….it really is very green.  Combine that with Mark’s “Timmy Mallet” sunglasses and you have quite a combination….incentive for me to keep Mark behind me!!

Today we just did a couple of hours round the North Downs – another day of great weather!  Rather than heading off and doing one of our known routes, we just did some exploring – great fun, and we found some pretty good singletrack to play on.  And my legs felt great, even after yesterday’s hard ride!

Two hard weeks coming up, culminating in the Dyfi Enduro…some really big climbs and great technical descents.  I must remember not to fall off as much as I did in 2009!

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One Response to I’ve got my mojo back

  1. thefitwriter says:

    Ah, my husband….the epitome of understated style 😉

    I think that horse head is a bit scary.

    Glad you had a fab couple of rides and are feeling better – yay!

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