Yet more food thoughts….

I was going to  write my “Great Energy Gel Review” today (I bet you can’t wait!), but having carefully packed all the samples in my little toptube bag ahead of yesterday’s 4 hour road ride, I left the bag at home.  Doh!  I didn’t realise until I was 45 mins in.  Luckily, I normally have a secret stash of gels and bars around my person at all times, and managed to find enough to get me through the ride…..but the review will have to wait.   I did find another energy bar that should have been included in my review from Tuesday……

Mule Bar 1/10

The only reason it gets 1 not 0 is because I didn’t actually throw up when I ate it.  I can only assume it’s called a Mule Bar because it’s either made of horse poop or is actually meant to be fed to horses…tho’ I think a horse would have to be pretty desperate to prefer a Mule Bar to grass.  It claimed to be “mango tango” flavour but tasted like a bad chemical impersonation of Branston Pickle to me – now I’ve got no beef with Branston Pickle (ha ha..geddit?!) but not in an oaty (well, oat-ish) bar.  Never again….by far the worst one I’ve tried!

Anyway…rest day tomorrow, before heading up to Macynlleth with Mark™  to ride the Dyfi Enduro.  We’re going to re-live our TransRockies 09 experience by camping overnight and listening to Andy & Gary bickering!  Of course, to truly recreate the experience, it would have to rain all day and all night…..

Did you know that it’s only 13 weeks to the start of the race?  EEEEEEEK!!!

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