Hey nonny nonny!!

Lung-bursting, leg-burning seemingly endless climbs; super-steep slippery slatey descents; a rock band half-way up a mountain, and a banjo player on a rocking chair in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere playing the theme to “Deliverance”….it can only be the Dyfi Enduro!!

Altogether now "..and the wheels on the bike went round and round"

Mark™ and I did a bit of pre-TransRockies rehearsal on Saturday – we camped overnight before the Sunday race.  It worked out pretty well – I’m sure I must have got some sleep, despite having forgotten my earplugs – luckily the howling gale blowing through the campsite drowned out my teamie’s snoring.  (I’d forgotten just how loud he can snore once he gets going!!).

This was my second go at this race, and I really don’t remember enjoying it as much in 09 as I did this year…that’s cos I didn’t much enjoy it in ’09, probably because I spent most of the race that year falling off.  Not this year ‘tho…I didn’t come off once, and ended up at the bottom of most of the descents with a huge grin on my mug!  I’ll remember that ridgeline descent for a long time – if you were there, you know the one I mean!

I can't help thinking someone needs to do something about the grass

Our preparation was much better than for the Builth Wells thing a few weeks ago….neither of us was sick.   And to make sure we were fully fueled up, we had two dinners on Saturday evening!

I’m not sure why, but this was the most TransRockies-esque of the races I’ve done in the UK – maybe it’s the long, long, long climbs, or the views, or the landscape (obviously the almost total absence of mud and driving rain was very un-TransRockies…but I’m quite happy to miss out on that part of the experience!).

I can see my house from here! Actually I can't, but you can see where we'd been, right down in the bottom of that valley....gives some sense of the length of the climbs

Despite the absence of the mountain-top cheerleaders (where were they this year?), I’d really recommend the Dyfi – you have to be quick though,  ‘cos all 750 places are sold out within about an hour of opening for entries!!  Oh and we finished the race part in 4:15 – 54k and about 1800m of climbing –  so a good TransRockies day!

It’s been a pretty good month of training for me….44 hours overall, which is almost bang on target.  Things get serious now – we’ve paid the final balance, the flights are sorted, and 13 weeks today we’ll be sat on the start line of the TransRockies X…fingers crossed!!  We’ve got the Bucks Off Road Sportive (100K) in the Chilterns in 2 weeks, then the CRC Llandovery thing (100K…ish) the week after that….and lots and lots of riding in between.

And when I say things get serious…would you camp in the wilderness with this man?!

Soon you'll be saying "Hey nonny nonny" and I shall be forced to kill you!

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2 Responses to Hey nonny nonny!!

  1. Nic says:

    No, I wouldn’t…and I’m married to him! 😉

    Well done, really glad you enjoyed it. But…no mention of my homemade energy bars?! >:-(

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