How an uppy downy seatpost changed my life…

Well, OK that’s a slight exaggeration.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been riding with a Rockshox Reverb uppy downy seatpost, and while it probably hasn’t significantly changed my life, it has changed my riding.

I expect at this point, you’re expecting to see a picture of a seatpost…but that’s pretty dull, even for this blog, so here’s a picture of monkey* on a bike:

I don't have stabilisers on my bike, honest (if I did, they'd be carbon fibre)

An uppy downy seatpost (and yes,  that is the official industry name…er..probably) lets you drop the saddle right down to go down really steep stuff, or down a little bit for not so steep stuff, and then put it back up to full height for climbing…..all at the flick of a switch!  Well, OK, it’s at the press of a button actually, but you get the picture – no need to stop and get off and fiddle about, at the top of a hill, then the same again at the bottom.

I must admit, before I did my bike skills course, I rarely bothered to drop the saddle – just occasionally on a route I knew well, I might stop to lower the saddle…but hardly ever -it was always too much faff, for seemingly not much benefit!  Once I’d spend a morning at UK Bike Skills being forced to ride with the saddle dropped out of the way, it felt really weird having it back up at “normal” riding height for anything at all downhill or twisty – it just got in the way!  Mark™ took the plunge first, and loved it, so then I had to get one too!  There’s several other makes out there…Crank Brothers Joplin, Specialized Command Post, Pure Racing KS i850 to name some, but the Rockshox one has been getting some really go writeups – and based on my limited use, deservedly so.

So now I’ve got it, I find myself dropping the saddle way more than I could have imagined…and I’m sure I’m riding down really steep stuff with much more confidence – witness my lack of falling off that the Dyfi enduro!

And there is one more compelling reason to buy one – you can drop the saddle and ride along with your knees around your ears……believe me, when you’re riding for 8 hours a day, this can provide whole minutes of entertainment!

*and yes, I know, an Orangutan isn’t a monkey, strictly speaking, it’s a great ape.

Q:  What do you call a monkey…sorry, great ape….that works in a call centre?

A:  A who-rang-utan!

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One Response to How an uppy downy seatpost changed my life…

  1. fatbuddha says:

    you just want to get down with the 14yr olds on their playbikes donchya…..:-)

    have read good things about these posts but just not doing enough off road to justify one at the mo

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