12 Weeks to go to TransRockies 10….EEEEEK!

Yep, just 12 short weeks to go until the start.  Possibly.  I think it is anyway, but them I am rubbish at maths, or counting, or both, so I wouldn’t necessarily believe a word I say!

Whatever, it’s there or thereabouts so if you haven’t started training, you’d better get your ….er…bike shoes on!  And judging by the number of hits I’ve had on my blog over the last couple of weeks from people searching for “TransRockies Training Plan”, there must be quite a few people out there who haven’t started training yet.  (I suppose it could be just one person who keeps on trying to find a better plan than mine and has a very short memory).

With 12 weeks to go, I’ve starting having little niggling doubts….am I training enough?  Am I doing the right sort of training?  Have I got the right bike? blah blah blah.  I know it’s dumb, because I have my training log from 2009, and I know I’m doing more hours per month than I did then.  I also know that almost every day in this year’s race is shorter than 2009…..but it still niggles away.

While we’re on the subject of the route, I’m not convinced by the latest route changes the organizers have announced….we now have 3 days around Fernie, with day 4 starting with a 4 hour bus ride.  I guess we’ll find out when we race, but it seems to take away some of the “out there in the wilderness” aspect of the race.  I just hope that a) the Fernie singletrack lives up to the hype (the bit we did on Day 7 in 09 was very good!) and b) days 4 – 7 give us that wilderness experience (preferably with nice sunshine!)

I’d be really pissed off if I’d signed up for TR3 (you ride the first 3 days of the full event)….it now means you only get to ride around Fernie!

Oh and it’s now mandatory for each competitor to carry bear spray..if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know my thoughts on bear spray!

Anyway, I’m off to do the Bucks Off Road Sportive tomorrow -we’ve signed up to do the 100km distance…that’ll be the longest bike ride I’ve done since August 14th 2009 and almost the longest I’ve ever done (August 12th 2009, 107.93km).  I know the Chilterns aren’t exactly the Rockies (no bears for a start), but all those little hills do add up!!  I wonder if Mark™ is planning to recreate his August 14th 2009 experience and ride with only 3 gears??!!

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4 Responses to 12 Weeks to go to TransRockies 10….EEEEEK!

  1. evo says:

    i think the same about TR changes for day3. i’m pissed off by the change and annoyed by the organisers’s spin (‘hey folks, we’ve kept the best change to last’……that’s kinda bollocks).

    but on the up side, i get to stay in a hotel for one more night and get to wash my kit after the first three stages. means i can manage with less kit too.

    anyway. hope to see you at Llandovery.

    • Richard says:

      oh yeah it’s pure spin…just means they didn’t get permission to ride their planned Day 3 route, I reckon!
      Must admit, we’re not decided about staying in the hotel or doing the tent village thing – keeping it real, man! Not that the TR people have been able to tell me where the tent village is!! Tho’ when I type that, I can’t see why we wouldn’t stay in the hotel really! as you say, it does mean you can take at least one less lot of kit.
      yep we’ll have to try to meet up next week..tho I suspect the start is the only place I’ll see you, as you race off into the distance!

  2. Tim says:

    Hey Richard,

    Love reading your blog, and yes I am always checking back to see if you have become less booooring LOL…I signed up for the TR3 and somewhat dissapointed, I really wanted to see the heart of the Canadian Rockies, but on the other hand, I know get to lay my head on a pillow everynight in Hotel room :), although being an outdoorsman, i will miss the tent aspect. I have my training up 35 hours a month, all Mountain biking and gym core typ workouts. I hope the Fernie hype is not diluted! See you in Fernie.

    • Richard says:

      Glad I’m keeping someone entertained 😉 Of course, just because you’re doing all three days in Fernie doesn’t mean you can’t camp..they’re putting up the tent village apparently!
      good work on the training…the TR3 should be a breeze with that much work, shouldn’t it?!

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