“Riiichaaaard…..I’m booooored!”

That’s all  I heard from Mark™ today..over and over again.   At least I think it was Mark™ …maybe it was the voices in my head.  We were doing the Bucks Off Road Sportive...and I reckon we could have a pretty good case against the organisers under the Trades Descriptions Act.  They should re-name it “The Bucks Mostly On-Road Sportive With a Little Bit of Off Road for All the Roadies Who Also Have Mountain Bikes But Don’t Know How To Ride Them”.

um...it was nothing like this

OK, maybe I’m being a bit snobby, but it is a bit frustrating to find so many riders pushing up  not even remotely technical or steep or long hills!!   There was only about 700m of climbing over 100km….I think the longest climb was only about 5 mins (on a road), if that.  Not exactly like a TransRockies day.  I won’t be coming back to do this ride again –  there’s much better mountain biking to be had in the Chilterns!!

On the other hand, it was nearly 6 hours in the saddle, so not too bad a day’s training really, even if it was pretty low intensity stuff.  Glad I didn’t do the 132km route tho’ – I’d have nodded off.

Overall, I’ve had a pretty good week – 13.5 hours of riding, and that’s despite having TB/Pneumonia/West Nile Fever/a slight cold.  Looking forward to the CRC Enduro at Llandovery next Sunday….100km which I suspect might be just a tad more strenous than today!!!

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One Response to “Riiichaaaard…..I’m booooored!”

  1. Dr Phat says:

    Hey Richard, I was not even there and I can hear Mark saying ‘I’m Bored’ too!

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