Decisions, decisions…

Mark™ and I are doing the CRC Llandovery MTB Marathon tomorrow – 100km.  Um….not sure how we’re going to fit in 100km – it doesn’t start until 10, and it took us 5:40 to do 100km last weekend on the world’s flatest mountain bike course outside Holland.  I don’t know much but I do know one thing – Wales is HILLY!  Big proper hills (or even mountains!).  It could be a long day….maybe some sort of lights would be in order?!

Anyway, my decision is this:  Do I ride the trusty old Pace 405 full suss (somewhere north of 30lbs in its current build) or do I ride this:

Yeah I know..the saddle is out of whack, and the gate bolt is rusty..and as for the weeds...

My lovely On One 456 Carbon hardtail…about 25lbs with its 2×10 kit…but HARDTAIL….for 100km?  (If you’re following, you’ll know my TransRockies bike is a Trek Fuel EX and’ll be wondering why I’m not riding that….well, it’s got no front mech..all part of my grand bike re-building project, which I’ll blog about soon).

I’m sure the received wisdom would be MTFU! (If you don’t know that acronym…google is your friend).

I’m meeting Mark™  at Afan Argoed this afternoon for a quick spin around The Wall – I’m using the On One, so will decide after that – I’ll let you know!

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