Llandovery MTB Marathon – Nipika Revisited!

So after the driest April/May on record – even in Wales – the day before the CRC Llandovery MTB Marathon was “blessed” with heavy rain and strong winds.  Perfect.  I don’t mind biking in the rain (much) but I really really really hate biking in strong wind –  I wasn’t best pleased when  I got up on Sunday morning to see it chucking it down with rain and the wind still blowing a gale, knowing that we had a 88km race in the Welsh mountains ahead of us.

As it turns out, we got lucky – a few brief showers during the day, but not much – the wind was a real pain on a couple of bits of the course – the long very slightly uphill bit over the moors, almost directly into the wind was something I’m not in a hurry to repeat!

They've just spent 20mins riding straight into a gale...no wonder they're looking cross

This was another course that gave me flashbacks to TransRockies 09 – some good, some bad.  I really didn’t want to be reminded of Day 3 in Nipika – endless rain and endless mud – but the bits of the Llandovery course through the forest were spookily similar – thick clinging mud over wet tree routes.  I would have had a sense of humor failure if it had gone on much longer!

It was a good day tho’ – turns out the course was “only” 78km, and it took us just under 6 hours – quite happy with that (ok, we’re not going to be challenging for a podium, but I’m not doing the TransRockies for that).  There were some big climbs in there too – the one around 45km was particularly er…..good training!  Oh, and I chose (or had chosen for me) the Pace full sus bike to ride on….all these long rides on a heavy bike must be good for me!

Two weeks of very hard training coming up, followed by Torq RoughRide.  Oh dear.

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