Still not found what you’re searching for?!?

It’s still raining outside, so in a pathetically transparent attempt to delay going out on the bike in the wet again, I thought I’d do a quick blog post.

My sister warned me before I started this blog that I’d get obsessed with the stats that WordPress provides….that first time someone found the blog (well, someone that I didn’t know), the first 100 hits, the first 1000 etc etc.  Wordpress also tells you what search terms brought people to the blog, and it is quite…er…interesting!

  1. TransRockies 2011 – not surprising that this is No 1 – if you Google that, this blog is on page one  (usually)….eek!
  2. TransRockies Training is the next most popular – I just hope all the people who found my training plan aren’t following it – I made it up, and I don’t know anything!!  Please don’t sue me if it doesn’t work for you.
  3. Best Bike for the Transrockies features pretty highly – not sure I can help with that – I can tell you what I tested, what I rode last time, and what I’ll ride this time…but the best one?  Your call!
  4. Would you believe the next most popular search is variations on the them of monkey on a bike?!  WTF? Why are so many people looking for monkey bicycle, monkey cycling, monkey on bike, monkey on bikes, monkey driving a bike (yes, driving), ape on a bike, orangutan on bicycle?!?!  Get a life, guys!  I wish I’d never put in that picture of a monkey on a bike…and I’ve just realised that repeating the phrase here will mean it gets found more….it’s a vicious circle!!  (Actually, I was wondering what to do with this blog once I’d finished the Transrockies…now I know – I’ll blog about monkey bicycling…how niche is that!

After that, it all gets a bit random:

  • booooored – how bored do you have to be to Google the word “booooored”
  • detailed forecast for Llandovery Sunday 22nd May – very optimistic hoping to find that on my blog (p.s. it’s Wales, it’ll rain)
  • TransRockies mtb bear sightings – NONE.  THERE AREN’T ANY
  •  frozen feet cycling – I can help with that – Sidi boots
  • sample training plan for 1.2k swim – pretty sure my training plan won’t help you!
  • grass hill – um..what would you be looking for if you Google that?  (and more to the point, did my blog meet your needs?  I don’t remember mentioning a grass hill)
  • boy on a green bike – must be looking for a photo of Mark
  • and my favorite –  fat man riding a bike – er….why?!

Anyway, the rain’s almost stopped, and I’m 8 hours short of my May target (I lost a week in the middle ‘cos of my TB/flu/pneumonia/slight cold) so I need to go out and cycle until 8:30 this evening.  That’s not going to happen – I did 6.75 hours yesterday round Brechfa, and am a bit tired (!!) so today will be an hour or two to spin my legs out.  Even 7-8 hours short of my plan, I’m still up on 2009 training.

p.s. this post is a blatant steal from Nic’s blog on the same subject a while back…except she does it much better (just as well, it’s her job!)

[update] my legs felt great, so I ended up doing 3 hours round the Gower..the sun came out and it was beautiful.  And I’m only 3.5hrs down on plan!

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