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Into the home straight

5 weeks today I leave for the long trip to Fernie, ready for the start of the TransRockies X.  That means I have just 4 more big weekends of training.  Am I going to be “ready” (whatever that means)??  I … Continue reading

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A bit of a rant…..Enough of the last minute changes!

If you’ve entered the TransRockies this year, you probably got a mail from the organizers today, announcing yet another change to this year’s race schedule.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit fed up with the changes….or at … Continue reading

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Worn out yet??

I came home today to be greeted by two things: a pool of dog sick a lovely box of bike bits: I’m guessing you’re not going to be interested in a post about dog sick, but maybe the bike bits? … Continue reading

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Giant snails and chain mysteries…

Ok, I think I’ve spent too long riding my bike now – I’m starting to find the most boring things interesting.  Take the Giant Snail of Kent for example: OK, we’re not talking the giant Polynesian snail from Dr Doolittle, … Continue reading

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Torq RoughRide Race (Swim?!) Report

What can I say…the Torq Roughride was wet…very very very wet.  I should have known the great spring weather wouldn’t last…after all, they announced that parts of the UK were suffering from a drought on Friday….lo and behold, 2 days … Continue reading

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How prepared are you for TransRockies X?

With just over 8 weeks to go (eek!), there’s a few things that you should probably be doing: You should be feeling fit and strong and wishing the TransRockies started tomorrow You should be feeling as weak as a kitten … Continue reading

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It’s starting to come together…..

So,  just 9 weeks* to go until the TransRockies……9 short weeks.  63 days.  If you take into account travelling, that’s 8 weeks training.  Doesn’t seem like much really….I prefer to think of it as 2 months, ‘cos that seems longer! … Continue reading

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