How prepared are you for TransRockies X?

With just over 8 weeks to go (eek!), there’s a few things that you should probably be doing:

  1. You should be feeling fit and strong and wishing the TransRockies started tomorrow
  2. You should be feeling as weak as a kitten and wondering how you’ll complete Day 1, let alone Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  3. You should be looking at your calendar and noticing that almost every single day involves riding a flipping bike
  4. You should have chosen your TransRockies bike, and have it built in or near it’s TR configuration…and then broken the most expensive bits.  Obviously, you’ll spend the next 8 weeks faffing with it and wondering if the bits you have on it are strong enough/light enough/bedded in enough/too worn and whether you should try just one more tweak (don’t forget you’ll probably need to change your entire drivetrain a few weeks before the race)
  5. You’ll be used to your preferred riding food…gels, bars, whatever (as long as it’s not Mule Bars). In fact, you’re probably sick of them. Ha! just you wait until you’ve been eating them 7 days in a row (note: I’ve finally finished my 2009 surplus bars!)
  6. You should have done some back to back rides, and have them planned in most weekends between now and August. You have done some back to back rides haven’t you?
  7. You should have figured out (or at least started to) your TransRockies clothing…which lycra shorts, which shirts, which gloves etc etc. You’re not really planning on taking those baggy shorts, are you?
  8. You should have learned how to tell the difference between Black, Brown and Grizzly bears (remember, there’s different things you need to do depending which it is).  For more top tips* on how to deal with a bear encounter, read my earlier blog post “Are Wild Bears Catholic”  (Actually, I wouldn’t bother learning the won’t see one!)
  9. You should be thinking/worrying/obsessing about the race for every waking moment, and most of the sleeping ones
  10. Your friends should have figured out not to mention the TransRockies, to avoid setting you off on an endless tedious description of how your training is going or about the minute difference the latest widget has made to your bike
  11. Your ludicrous cycling tan should be almost finished, something like this:

Nice look?!

* Disclaimer:   I know nothing about bears.  Do not take my advice about dealing with them (or anything else for that matter)


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3 Responses to How prepared are you for TransRockies X?

  1. Tim Doyle says:

    HaHaHa, I look just like that guy!!! Really bad tan! Dam I have a crap load of money already invested in this, and totally thinking about switching to the XO 2X10 drive train….what’s another $1000.00, will it make me a better rider, probably not, but will I have new gear for the race..YES!

    • Richard says:

      Interesting….I’ve taken off my 2×10 drivetrain for the race. It’s great for single day riding, but I decided that for 7 days in a row, I’d need the extra low gears that 3×9 gives me….just being able to sit in the little chainring and biggest gear at the back and spin away can be a real boost when you’re completely beaten up and knackered!!

  2. Tim Doyle says:

    Good to know…..

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