Giant snails and chain mysteries…

Ok, I think I’ve spent too long riding my bike now – I’m starting to find the most boring things interesting.  Take the Giant Snail of Kent for example:

The High5 gel moved quicker.....

OK, we’re not talking the giant Polynesian snail from Dr Doolittle, but it’s was much bigger than your average snail, honest!  (That energy gel is at least 30cm   And there were loads of them out on the North Downs Way today…must have been a race.

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful ride until about 2km from the end, when this happened: did that happen?!?!

I was “hurtling” down a rooty, fast descent, hopping over tree roots, and as I picked up  pedaling again, it didn’t feel or sound quite right….and not surprising really…the chain is outside the dérailleur cage!!  Now I know I’m not the best bike mechanic in the world, but even I can route a chain properly, so it wasn’t like that when I set off (and I think I’d have noticed before).

Any ideas anyone??

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2 Responses to Giant snails and chain mysteries…

  1. Mark (TM) says:

    You prob aren’t going to beleive this, but these snails were on countryfile earlier tonite! Protected species and ‘rare’ snails brought over by the romans! (edible I think they said, protein gel?)… As for your chain, I blame David Copperfield….


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