Worn out yet??

I came home today to be greeted by two things:

  1. a pool of dog sick
  2. a lovely box of bike bits:

Oooh...it's like Christmas! Well, it would be if there was an orange in there....

I’m guessing you’re not going to be interested in a post about dog sick, but maybe the bike bits?

It’s getting towards the time when you might want to think about replacing everything that moves on your bike.*   Chances are that if you’ve been doing the hours and hours of training, no matter how fastidious you are with your bike maintenance, things will be starting to wear, stretch, rub, bend and break.  During the race, you’ll be riding the kind of distance that your average “weekend warrior” will take several months to complete, so why start with a load of clapped-out bits?  And don’t leave it until the week before the TransRockies…give it time to bed in.

Straight after I finish the Bearded Man 3 day race in the Black Mountains (that’s in Wales, if you’re not from these parts) in just over a week, I’ll be stripping my bike down, and putting lots of lovely shiny new (or nearly new) bits on….cassette, chain, rear mech, gear cables, shifters, bottom bracket, brake pads, brake fluid.  The only bit of drivetrain I won’t be replacing is the chainrings…but that’s only because mine are only a few weeks old.

You might think that new shifters is excessive, but mine are over 3 years old and have already done one TransRockies…and I saw how much Mark suffered with no rear gears!  If you peer closely at the box of goodies, you’ll see I’ve got the SRAM Flackjacket gear cables – not that I’m a pessimist (!) but if it’s as wet as it was in 09, I want to keep as much crap out of the cables a possible, and I reckon the Flakjacket ones do it pretty well…for a price!

I’ll talk about the spares I’m going to take with me another time…but you may want to think about ordering things now…I was told this week that it would take 4-6 weeks to get a new rear mech hangar for my Trek!  (Luckily, I sourced one somewhere else).

If you ever do want me to blog about dog sick, let me know…as the owner of two dogs that eat anything and everything – the smellier the better – I know more about that than I do about bikes!!

* this is one of my “Stating the Bleeding Obvious Top Tips”…more to come over the next few weeks!! 

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