A bit of a rant…..Enough of the last minute changes!

If you’ve entered the TransRockies this year, you probably got a mail from the organizers today, announcing yet another change to this year’s race schedule.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit fed up with the changes….or at least the lack of logistical information that comes with them.

In 2009, it was all pretty straightforward:  You got to Fernie and stayed in a hotel for a few nights prior to the start.  On Day 1, you took your bag down to a truck near the start, got on your bike, and joined 300 others cycling up a crazy mountain.  At the end of Day 1, you picked your bag up off the truck, walked to a tent, showered, changed, walked to the food tent, ate, watched the awards and rider briefing, and slept in your tent.  Next morning, you carried your bag to the truck, got on your bike, and joined 300 other cycling up a crazy mountain…..and so on, and on, and on until the end of Day 7.  Simple.

A month or so ago, we were told the “great news” that the first 3 days of this year race would be in and around Fernie.  We’d stay in Fernie until the start of Day 4, when we’d be bussed for a few hours to the start of Stage 4.  OK, first off, maybe Fernie does have some great singletrack, but it’s not exactly giving you that wilderness camping experience…especially if you’re doing the TR3!  It wasn’t clear whether the tent village would be set up somewhere around Fernie for those that didn’t want the extra expense of hotels…plus, for me the tent village thing is all part of the experience.

So, after a few back and forth emails to the organizers, it seemed that the tent village wouldn’t be set up, so we extended our hotel to the start of Day 4.  We were told that evening meals and breakfast would still be available, “a few blocks” from our hotel (sadly, being a Brit, I have no idea what “a few blocks” means….a few hundred metres?  half a mile?  a mile?  Dunno).   I guess that evening meal includes the awards and rider briefing?  Who knows!

Now, we’re told that Day 3 won’t be finishing in Fernie, it’ll be finishing in Island Lake Lodge..which seems to be about 10 miles outside Fernie.  I don’t have a problem with that, but what I do have a problem with is the absence of logistical information that comes with this change.  Does it mean that there’ll be a tent village at Island Lake Lodge?  Or are we all expected to book into the Lodge..they certainly seem to be offering a “bargain” package?  Or will we all be bussed back to Fernie?  Maybe we have to ride?

OK, I know the TransRockies organizers read this blog sometimes…so, come on guys…don’t just sent out a glossy email telling us about the wonders of some posh resort…give some logistical details.  We’ve got enough to worry about with having to race round crazy mountains every day – we don’t need extra hassle and worry wondering how it’s all going to work for the first 3-4 days.


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7 Responses to A bit of a rant…..Enough of the last minute changes!

  1. thefitwriter says:

    Nightmare! The last thing you need when you’re in full-on training for an event in a different continent is guff like this. How are you meant to plan and prepare for anything – logistically or mentally? Sort it out, TR!

  2. Sounds like they are working on bringing lots of business to all the Fernie establishments – and the Island Lake Lodge. Good for Fernie, I’m sure, not necessarily good for the ride participants. I wonder what’s in it for the organizers?

  3. Tim says:

    Hey Richard, definitely some legit rants, I was hoping ,when I signed up last year for the TR3, I would see something other than Fernie. No worries though, I have never been to Fernie so I guess it will be full of some epic single track. I ended up cancelling my tent package extending my stay at the Best Western and booking the last night at the Island lake lodge to relax for a full day before heading back to good ole USA. If any of you mountian bikers are in California shoot me an email, I am always good for a ride and a pint! stoked34@yahoo.com

    • Richard says:

      The TR people have promised an email this week explaining how it all works……and we do have to ride back from Island Lake to Fernie (10k, all downhill, allegedly!!!!) – well, you don’t cos you’ve done the sensible thing!!
      I’ll be heading to California for a week’s break after the race…won’t be touching my bike tho!!!

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