Silence is golden….

…one word is a fortune lost.  When I was 11, my physics teacher made me write that 200 times for talking in class.  Do teachers still give kids lines?  Probably not…it would probably violate their human rights or something.  This has nothing to do with mountain biking or the TransRockies, it’s just a long-winded way of saying that I haven’t got much to write about at the moment!  But not wanting to disappoint my thousands…er….my hundreds…well, maybe my tens…..OK, my one loyal reader, I thought I should just let you know that I’m still alive, and still training!

I reckon I’ve got 5 more big rides to go before I start tapering.  That’s all.  The last few weeks seem to have flown past, and I’m sure the next 3 will too…I fly to Fernie 3 weeks today…eek!!  I’ve noticed a big step up in my fitness, and I’m covering routes I’ve done before much, much quicker now…..a 70km route at Afan Argoed that I did 2 weeks ago in 5.5 hours took me only 5 hours this weekend, taking 4 minutes off my PB for the first 6.5km climb in the process, so something must be working!!  Either that or I wasn’t trying before.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting over-confident…the little doubts still nag away.  Just yesterday I spotted that Day 3 of the Transrockies is only 46km long, but has 2250m of climbing…yes, 2250m, in 46km.  That’s a fug of a lot of steep stuff!!  On the other hand, that’s also 2250m of descending 🙂

I’ve got to the stage of worrying about injuries….not training injuries, but a falling off injury, either to me or my bike…that would be a tad annoying, wouldn’t it?!  And having replaced all the running gear on my bike, I’m now worrying that I’m going to wear it all out before the race…I know -bonkers!

I’ve just got a few more little things to get – I’ll have to order some more gels, bars and recovery mix, but mostly, I’m pretty much sorted – I think I’ve even managed to source the correct mech hanger for my bike, after my useless LBS sold me the wrong one.  And a replacement bottom bracket after the same useless LBS told me none were available until August!!

Mark™ and I are doing a 100km ride in the Chilterns on Saturday…looks like it could be fun, and a good training ride for sure..I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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6 Responses to Silence is golden….

  1. evo says:

    that’s a relieve…i was getting worried about you.

    i’m after some advice – what are you doing about travel insurance. does standard insurance cover TR type events. much appreciated.


    • Richard says:

      I’m sure I answered this the other day didn’t I?? you don’t listen to a word I say!!

      I used DogTag last time, and will probably do so again…it wasn’t that expensive – about £40 or so I think. As far as I could discern last time, “normal” insurance won’t cover you because the TR is officially designated as a race. I don’t think you’d want to pick up the cost of a helicopter rescue (heaven forbid!)

      ps I don’t think anyone will insure you against getting lost 🙂

  2. evo says:


    I like the idea of dogtag, providing it comes with a search and rescue dog (though yes given my navigational challenges, a guide dog might be more appropriate).

  3. Jay says:

    Just one note (hate to burst a bubble) but day 3 actually ends on a climb. We don’t get the full benefit of a downhill after all that climbing!

    -Jay (a fellow TR participant in training)

    • Richard says:

      the race or the ride back to Fernie afterwards? on one of my other posts Sabrina said:

      “it is totally a downhill ride all the way back with a flat section on the highway for the last few km. Seriously, nothing to worry about – I know cuz I am a local Fernie resident. Just wanted to put your mind at ease”

      anyway, what’s one more hill!! 😉

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