I’m so excited….

….I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

No, not about doing the TransRockies* – I’m excited about the fact that I finish my training on Sunday!! Woohoo!!!  Just 3 more long rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I’m done!!

To be honest, it’s probably just as well, because I’m soooo tired!!  I’ve not really had rest since the Black Mountains 3 Day thing…when was that.. nearly 3 weeks ago?  I really noticed it on Saturday doing our ride in the Chilterns – Mark™ had been on an enforced lay off for a week ‘cos of illness, and he was just so fresh and fast – and I wasn’t!!   We’d planned to do the 100km route, but cut short to 75km – I was slow and getting slower!  Oh, and just for a change, it was raining….a lot!  (by the way, I’d recommend the Rough Ride Guide organised ride in the Chilterns…very low key, but the route was great with lots of nice singletrack, lots of hills, and well marked).

This weekend is my residential training camp, hosted by Team Millichamp (aka Mark™ and Nic – the BNBF Welsh Female Physique Champion 2011 – can’t wait for that Bread and Butter pudding…or will it be rice pudding?!?!).  70km in the North Downs on Friday, 75km in the South Downs on Saturday, and 75km in the Chilterns on Sunday…and then I start my tapering.  That’ll be 2 weeks of short rides, resting, lots of stretching, packing,  lots of panicking about all the things I haven’t got (or more likely, all the things I have got but can’t find!!), oh and the minor detail of traveling to Fernie 2 weeks today!  Eek!

I’ll report next week how close I’ve kept to the training plan I wrote way back in January, and then in about 3 weeks I’ll hopefully report on whether that plan was any good!!

* actually, I am excited about the TransRockies…can’t wait to start!!

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One Response to I’m so excited….

  1. thefitwriter says:

    The Millichamp Residential MTB Camp team are looking forward to welcoming you to our homely accommodation. 😉 Another chance for me to flex my mental muscle as I cook and bake high-carb foods for you two whilst 9 weeks out from bodybuilding finals… ha!

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