That’s that then…I’m trained!

Sunday saw the end of my TransRockies training…hoorah!!!  A grand total of some 4,700km over 280 hours.  Now all I have to do is get through the dreaded taper, get me, my team mate, and our bikes safely to Canada, and then just the little matter of the race itself, and I’m done!

The last few weeks have been tough…finished off with 3 days back to back, covering 68km, 76km and 82km.  I felt (and was) very slow on Friday in the North Downs, was a bit better on Saturday (we set a new PB for our South Downs route – nearly 20 mins quicker), and I was positively buzzing on Sunday in the Chilterns – not sure if it was “end of training” buzz, all the hard work paying off, or the catering at Team Millichamp, but it felt great!  And we even made it up the dreaded Stoner Hill…always a good measure of fitness!  (Still can’t figure out why everyone else seems to ride down Stoner Hill….wierdos).

During Saturday’s ride, I was inspired to have a photographic theme for my TransRockies – Mark™ fixing his punctures!

Get used to this....

The only problem I can see is that at the rate he gets punctures (3 on Friday), I’m going to need a bigger memory card!!

Sadly my inspiration was short lived, ‘cos I forgot to take a picture of him fixing the second one (probably because it was only 2 minutes after puncture number one).  Oh, and Mark™ has now come up with a sure-fire way to stop himself getting punctures….no, he hasn’t gone tubeless…er…almost the opposite in fact…he now carries 4 spare tubes around with him!

So now I’m tapering – I hate tapering.  I really, really hate tapering.  Your mind plays tricks…it convinces you that you’re going to lose all your fitness, every little ache and pain is a major injury, every sniffle is the ‘flu, every cough is a major chest infection – and woe betide anyone who comes near me coughing and sneezing!!!  (Having said that, my office does sound like a TB ward right now…what a sickly bunch!).  Maybe I should get me one of those surgical masks (no comments about just putting a bag over my head, thankyou!).

Right…I need to go and dismantle my bike and pack it up for its holiday, and finish my packing list…this time next week, I should be on the shuttle bus to Fernie..fingers crossed!


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5 Responses to That’s that then…I’m trained!

  1. thefitwriter says:

    It was definitely the superior catering at Casa Millichamp – “no carb left behind”!

    GOOD LUCK! 😀 😀

  2. evo says:

    you sound well tuned up and neurotic. hope you’ve stocked up on the anti-biotics and have your winter boots and thermal base layers packed. Seriously though, the weather forecast looks very promising.

    fancy meeting up perhaps on friday evening to talk pre-race tactics (ie. should i start with a pale ale, followed by the wheat beer and then the red beer, or should….) at that nice micro-brewery on the main street.

    we’re staying at the red tree hotel on the main road through fernie. my mobile number is 07763 121524.

    see you both in fernie.

  3. Richard says:

    yes, we should meet up…I’ll give you a all (and my mobile number is winging its way to you via the wonders of text). We’re at Park Place Lodge. Of course, meeting up does depend on you not getting lost on any of your warmup rides around Fernie!!!

    how’s the training been? all fit and fettled?

    • evo says:

      trainings been good with the exception of the last two weeks, during which i’ve done very little as just too busy with normal life (family, work). so all in all, its looking like a long and fairly lazy taper.

      PS i’ll have you know that still have my boy scout’s badge for orienteering. AND who was it that got lost in TR09? not me!

  4. Tim Doyle says:

    I agree with the tapering feeling like were not working hard enough! Luckily I have a back up bike to ride while FedEx transports mine! we don’t arrive in Calgary till 5pm, so were on the last shuttle. See everyone in Fernie….BTW does anyone know what there average speed was on there last endurance race?

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