Checking in from Fernie

So, after 22 hours of travelling, Mark™ and I arrived in Fernie for TransRockies 2011 just after midnight last night.  Somehow, we seem to have managed to book into the wrong hotel, but apart from that, it all went very smoothly.  (And actually, the hotel we’ve booked into is closer to the middle of Fernie, so actually makes more sense than the one we thought we’d booked into!!).

We entertained ourselves over breakfast by playing the “Make the Waitress Say You’re  Welcome As Many Times As Possible” game.  As a polite, well-brought up Brit, this is too shooting fish in a barrel.  Basically, when the waitress does anything at all near you or you table, say “thankyou”…she is then duty bound to say “You’re welcome”..ours added a flourish by saying “Sure…you’re welcome!” every single time.   Oh those long nights are just going to fly by!

Our bikes seem to have both survived the flight unscathed, so we took them out for a acclimatization ride this afternoon.

I'm pretty sure that's not the North Downs...

As you can see, the weather is awesome, and the trails are dry and very, very dusty….something my Bontrager summer tyres didn’t cope with too well.  The result was an almost inevitable wipe out…no injuries, just dust everywhere!!  The ride today took us up part of Day 3’s ride, with a climb of about 1000ft over about 9km – so far, the legendary Fernie singletrack has lived up to it’s reputation…testing singletrack climbing followed by a fast, flowing, technical descent..great fun..even if I couldn’t stop!  We were both noticing the altitude a bit, with heart-rates a lot higher than normal – hopefully, a couple of days of warm up riding should sort that out.

Fernie is as cool as I remember it, and it looks like the TransRockies is pretty much going to take it over for a few days – there is definitely a buzz around the place!  We’re off to meet one of my blog readers for dinner shortly, then another ride tomorrow…more altitude training, plus trying out my new tyres..did I mention my new tyres??!!

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2 Responses to Checking in from Fernie

  1. The Park Lodge Poisoner says:

    sure….you’re welcome.

  2. thefitwriter says:

    Dinner with a blog-reader… dude, you’re so cool! ;D

    Glad you’re both having a good time. Look after my hubby please!

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