Day 3 – Last day in Fernie…um..why did we have to do that last climb???

Today was a long, hot, dusty and slightly frustrating day in the saddle – 43km (ish) from Fernie to Island Lake Lodge. 6 and a half  big climbs, with 5 and half descents.  Can you see the problem with that?  Yep, that meant we finished with a long, tough and pointless climb!!  There were some great singletrack descents, but it just didn’t work for me.

Just for a change, I’m not going to write much today…Mark™ is going to guest-post instead:

Hello! First off apologies to those who know me and my ‘writing’ style (Hi Nic!), there’s a reason I’m a scientist and not a writer…

We thought today was going to be pretty brutal from the route description, and we were not to be disappointed, unfortunately. I think the course designer just tried to put ‘too much’ into today. There’s only so much going up and down the same hillsides (all be it on different tracks) that you can take, and then the rather silly non Fernie finish (island lake lodge) or midge-lodge as it should be called up at the trailhead, was very much an ascent too far, for no good reason.

OK, so the view is OK....but not worth the work!!

Despite this we climbed about 3/4 of it and I reckon that Richard is getting his biking legs back after a bad start

Most of that is dirt, not tan!

Just look at the pic to see the state of his current cycling tan!  So 3 days gone 4 to go… And good-bye Fernie.. 




So, as Mark says, today’s stage is our last in Fernie, and our last night living in the lap of luxury (sort of) in a hotel…it’s the tent village from tomorrow evening, right through to Canmore.  But then, that’s what TransRockies is about…getting something of a wilderness experience, and the next 4 days should provide that (tough luck if you’re doing TR3…you just get Fernie).  I’m not sure what, if any, interweb access I’ll have until Canmore, so if you don’t hear from me, you know why!

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One Response to Day 3 – Last day in Fernie…um..why did we have to do that last climb???

  1. thefitwriter says:

    My husband the guest-blogger! Love it! Hope you guys have fun camping – the real deal (for better or worse!) Enjoy x

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